The Jasper Is Cool As Ice

Giant ice cubes are already a winner at most bars, but Mattias Hagglund isn't running your everyday establishment. He takes things one step further by branding the letter “J” into his ice cubes before pouring in a masterpiece cocktail. The hand-chipped and branded ice cubes mark just a couple of the exquisite details instituted by one of Carytown’s newest cocktail bars, The Jasper.

Former owner of Heritage restaurant, Mattias Hagglund, and his partners Thomas Leggett (formerly of The Roosevelt) and Kevin Liu (owner of Carytown Cupcakes) understand it takes more than passion and design to make a dream become reality. 

A blend of marketing, PR, and media relations can play an essential role in establishing one of the neighborhood’s newest hot spots.

How does Marketing and PR fit into being a business owner?

Mattias Hagglund’s (and his team) decision to name the new bar, The Jasper, was strategically planned. The name is meant to invoke a sense of timelessness that is both “classic and contemporary.”  

Named in honor of 19th century Richmond bartender, Jasper Crouch, Hagglund plans to continue the tradition of perfect, handcrafted cocktails and legendary hospitality.

As important as the name and story is to Hagglund, he understands the importance of sharing those aspects of his business with his target audience. Hagglund shared some ideas he had on how marketing and PR fit into the food and beverage industry.

“I learned the most from working with Jason Alley,” he said. Alley is the current chef/owner and of restaurants Comfort, Pasture and Flora in Richmond, VA. “The ability to smile, and give you a big hug, and welcome you to his table really stood out to me from the first day I worked for Jason,” said Hagglund. He remarked on the attention to detail and dedication to hospitality both co-owners, Jason and Michele Jones, share with their employees.

However, it goes beyond just delivering a quality experience to each guest. In order to drive in more traffic, people have to know who you are.

“Make yourself accessible and respond to media requests in a timely manner,” Hagglund added. He has a strong understanding of the role media plays in expanding their reach to the surrounding community. “We want to be a bar that’s serving our city and our neighborhood for years to come,” he said.

First-time restaurant or bar owners should consider the role that marketing and public relations plays into making a small business successful. For professionals like Mattias Hagglund, seeking the advice and assistance of marketing and communications professionals  to increase community awareness and attract new customers, can make all the difference.