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The Jasper Is Cool As Ice

Giant ice cubes are already a winner at most bars, but Mattias Hagglund isn't running your everyday establishment. He takes things one step further by branding the letter “J” into his ice cubes before pouring in a masterpiece cocktail. The hand-chipped and branded ice cubes mark just a couple of the exquisite details instituted by one of Carytown’s newest cocktail bars, The Jasper.

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Bee-coming A Cidermaker

Here is our conversation with Courtney Mailey, founder and owner of Blue Bee Cider in Richmond, Virginia. We talk about the history of Harrison apples, the craziness of high school career aptitude tests, and the challenges cideries face in comparison to breweries. It’s a wild ride full of agriculture, alcohol, and the cider mafia.

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How Color Impacts A Restaurant's Atmosphere

Colors lay the foundation of a restaurant’s atmosphere. For these Richmond, Virginia business owners, the palette to create a relaxed atmosphere can span the spectrum. All colors used in a space can dramatically impact the meal and the food being served. The wrong lighting or colors in a restaurant can cause the food to look amazing or the complete opposite.

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