A Belle Isle Moonshine Summer Smash With Marco Style

Where making drinks and living your best life are concerned, Megan Marcoynak means business. During our interview for Big Spoon Co., Megan taught me how to make one of her favorite Marco Style cocktail recipes - the Summer Smash.

With summer winding down, the Summer Smash is a delicious and refreshing way to keep the spirit of the season alive. The best part? This classic cocktail doesn’t take much precision to turn out delicious.

The key ingredient to a perfect Summer Smash? Look no further than Belle Isle Moonshine, "distilled from good times and 100% organic corn” and local to Richmond, VA. For her drink, Megan opted for Belle Isle’s Honey Habanero. The liquor adds a subtle kick of heat to bring a beautiful balance to the drink’s sweet and fruity flavor.

To make a Summer Smash of your own, you’ll need:

  • Liquor (2 oz)
  • Fruit (Megan recommends strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry)
  • Fresh mint
  • Simple syrup (1 TBS)
  • Club soda


  1. Combine fruits, simple syrup + fresh mint in glass.
  2. Muddle ingredients until a pulpy consistency.
  3. Add liquor to glass.
  4. Add ice if desired & stir.
  5. Garnish with fresh mint & enjoy!

The end result? A refreshing way to sip simply, and savor in style all year long. 

Learn more about Megan Marconyak and Marco Style at MarcoStyle.net.