From Corn Dogs To Commercial Kitchens


A state fair stirs up fond memories for all ages—smells of funnel cakes and corn dogs wafting through the air. Juice running down smiling faces of children as they take the first bite of a candy apple.  

More than 60 years ago, Victor Zinder, founder of Victor Products, Inc., moved his family from Philadelphia to Richmond, VA. Zinder worked out of the back of his station wagon and eventually moved his new company into a single car garage.

“Victor started in the concession business,” Brian Lynn, president of Victor Products, said. “Basically, the company started chasing carnivals—selling popcorn, snow cone syrup, candy apple mix...”

Zinder got the idea to start Victor Products when he was working for a Philadelphia-based concession vendor Chunk-E-Nuts prior to World War II. “So he started there, then he realized he could start his own business,” Lynn said.

An ad featuring Victor Zinder, founder of Victor Products, Inc.

An ad featuring Victor Zinder, founder of Victor Products, Inc.

Victor Zinder worked with the company until the 90s when his two sons, Mitch and Marty Zinder, took over the family business. Now, Victor Products. operates out of 36,000-square-foot facility in Shockoe Bottom in Richmond with a second location in Chesapeake. Since its inception, Victor Products, Inc. has sold a full line of concession equipment and supplies ranging from popcorn to nacho cheese. They also manufacture fountain syrups and sundae toppings, Victor’s Candy Apple Magic, and Dipsy Dog corn dog mix.  And yes, the Shockoe Bottom production facility is full of those sweet, sugary scents.

According to Lynn, customer service is at the core of the company’s longevity. The company has worked with generations of families up and down the Eastern seaboard. Lynn, Mitch, or Marty will drive a truck filled with stock to different state fairs, primarily the Virginia and North Carolina, spending up to two weeks providing supplies and on-site support.

It was around 1990 when Victor Products expanded its business. After working the carnival circuit, Marty begun getting larger equipment requests from his concession clients. Today, they continue to support these two lines of business — concessions and outfitting commercial kitchens.

It’s very likely Victor Products has designed and equipped commercial kitchen space for one of your favorite restaurants. “We pride ourselves on our project management,” Lynn said. “We’re full service.”

To learn more, visit their website. Victor Products is located at 328 N. 18th St., Richmond, VA.

Kevin Clay