Sipping And Savoring With Marco Style

What's the secret to living your best life according to Megan Marconyak? Embracing every experience to the fullest. Take a look at the Richmond-based influencer’s website Marco Style, and one thing is clear— she practices what she preaches.

For Megan, an epicurean zest for life has always been in season. Equal parts fashionista and foodie all her life, she launched Marco Style in 2016 as a side-gig to her career as a marketing professional. 

“When I think about Marco Style, it’s about living your best life every day,” she says. That could mean enjoying a glass of sparkling wine on a Friday afternoon, or putting on a sparkly necklace “just because”. To her, the site is a project to help others enjoy a slice of the good life through her personal recommendations. One moment, she’s elevating wardrobes with flair. The next, she’s sharing witty cocktail recipes and money-saving travel tips. Her motto? Sip. Savor. Style.

Whether she’s exploring the streets of Portugal or dining her way through Richmond, an authentic approach to influencer marketing sets Marco Style apart. Megan only shares recommendations she genuinely enjoys with her audience. With so many different interpretations of what constitutes ‘influencer marketing’ these days, it’s a genuinely refreshing perspective.

So, what’s Megan most excited for in RVA these days? Lee Gregory’s upcoming restaurant Alewife, which will focus on sustainable fish, and Hot Diggity Donuts, a late-night donut and cocktail concept.

Now two years into Marco Style, Megan aims to take it to the next level with a winning recipe of strategy and hard-work. Through curated events like a Kentucky Derby party at Quirk Hotel, Megan goes the extra mile to deliver thoughtful content with a personal touch.

“I’ve almost always had two jobs of some sort,” she admits. “You’ve do always have to be mindful about taking time to work on your side project, and take it seriously.”

In other words — “If you don’t believe in your project, who else is going to?”