Relax and Un-wine at Secco

As swiller in chief of Secco, it’s safe to say that Julia Battaglini loves the wine she’s with. She’s a veteran of Richmond’s wine scene who still loves coming to work every day. She’s also a small business sage who tells it like it is. Uncork a bottle with her, and she’ll be the first to point out the gospel of good vino. 

“Wine is a topic that covers history, politics, agriculture, economics, family dynamics, weather,” she says. “Everything that any nerd is interested in, this beverage touches on all of it.”

Nestled cozily at 325 N. Robinson St. in Richmond's Fan District, Secco covers more than typical wine-bar fare. The European-style eatery offers a lavish dinner menu spearheaded by Chef Julie Heins, as well as regular wine classes for aficionados and amateurs alike.

“We offer our Wine 101 classes because we want people at a comfort level with wine,” Julia says. “When people learn a little about what they’re drinking, they become curious and excited about it. It’s really refreshing.”

In 2016, Secco closed their doors in Carytown and relocated to Robinson St. eight blocks away. The warm feeling of home kept guests coming, and their brand-new patio bustling. Paying tribute to her parents (whose photos adorn Secco’s walls), Julia and her staff go the extra mile to ensure a familial atmosphere for every guest.

“I just want guests to feel comfortable and at home,” she says. “Whether they no nothing about wine or a lot about wine, they’re going to have a good experience with friendly faces, with good food, and wine that makes them happy. I make sure that we have something here for everybody.”

In hospitality, such an experience is a rare gift. Like home, Secco is a place to sip, swill, and stay awhile.