Mise En Place Cooking School

Photo by Catt Levesque

Photo by Catt Levesque

The recipe for increasing Mise En Place’s online sales 150%? One part marketing strategy, two parts website updates, and a dash of community partnerships. Combine for best results.

Through in-depth cooking classes and top-notch private events, Richmond’s Mise En Place has delivered unparalleled culinary experiences for 15 years.

Executive Chef and Owner Christine Wansleben reached out to Big Spoon Co. with three goals in-mind:

  1. Increase online sales

  2. Drive traffic to events at their Shockoe Bottom space.

  3. Develop a venue rental program.

Mise En Place believes every plate tells a tale of adventure. Therefore, we knew it was only fitting to tell their story in the same light.

Big Spoon Co. coordinated weekly meetings to develop a fresh marketing strategy highlighting Mise En Place’s many unique classes and private event possibilities. Then, we elevated their digital presence with regular website updates and email newsletters to keep customers engaged with the latest info.

To keep flavors fresh and experiences unique, we extended an offer to several community partners to co-host a cooking class. Chefs like Alex Konstantinidis of Greek on Cary were excited to showcase their expertise to a new audience.

Through these streamlined efforts, Mise En Place’s online sales increased by 150% over a six-month period. The revamped venue rental program found new life hosting restaurant pop-ups, intimate private events, and food photography sessions.

Kevin Clay