Nota Bene Restaurant & Bar

 Nota Bene for Vibeats

Nota Bene Restaurant & Bar had just celebrated its one year anniversary when we began our work together in December 2016.

In the few months that followed, the restaurant cemented its status as one of the city's hotspots receiving the honors of "Restaurant of the Year" from Style Weekly and a "Best New Restaurant" win at Richmond's restaurant awards, the Elby's.

Photo Credit: Tyler Darden

Photo Credit: Tyler Darden

Rewind to 2010 when owner Victoria DeRoche started her mobile, wood-fired business Pizza Tonight. After five successful years and a line of retail pizza kits, Victoria was ready to take her concept to a brick-and-mortar space.

Opening under the "Pizza Tonight" moniker, new customers mistook the restaurant for a neighborhood pizza joint and not the more refined sit-down dining experience offered.

To clear those misconceptions, Victoria showed her business savvy and soon rebranded the restaurant to "Nota Bene" to better reflect a menu that is much more than pizza.

Since then Victoria with the help of Chef Randy Doetzer secured Nota Bene's reputation for serving high-quality, Italian-inspired fare.

Victoria brought Big Spoon Co. on after this rebrand to continue growing a customer base and to build a long-term marketing program.

Kevin helps organize and keep me on track, I’m happy to have him in my corner. He has great ideas and knows how to implement them. It’s been a pleasure working with him.
— Victoria DeRoche, Owner, Nota Bene

Creating an ongoing calendar has allowed us to plan events and promotions months in advance. It's easy for busy restauranteurs to get caught in day-to-day operations so we utilize these marketing calendars to help them get a step forward.

Photo Credit: Tyler Darden

Photo Credit: Tyler Darden

We worked with Victoria to resurrect Pizza Club, her home supper club and the precursor to Pizza Tonight that laid the foundation for the mobile business. We partnered monthly with guest chefs and friends of the restaurant to expand Nota Bene's fanbase and garner media attention.

Switching to Resy, a newcomer in the reservation game, has allowed Nota Bene to learn more about its diners and double its e-mail following in just two months. Combining e-mail newsletters with Eventbrite ticketing, press outreach, and a strategic Facebook advertising plan, we have helped Nota Bene increase event sales. 

Well into its second full year of operation, Nota Bene is poised for continued success and accolades as we continue to showcase the restaurant as a dining destination.