What's Your Sushi Boat?

You know you've walked into a restaurant before and you begin to mouth water and eye gaze on those other diner's foodstuffs.

Admit it, you've got food envy.

Setting sail. Admit it, you've got food envy.

Setting sail. Admit it, you've got food envy.

At last, all eyes were on me -- well, me and my lunch companion.  With a generous gift card in hand and feeling baller at this beautiful house of sushi, we ordered what's affectionately known as "The Love Boat."

That was a $68 combination of sushi and sashimi sailing in on a ship.  Yes, a wooden ship.  You know the one: garnished with orchids, bamboo, shredded beets, carrots, florets of wasabi and pickled ginger. Deluxe.

It got stares, or maybe we got stares.  But rightfully so, it was beautiful.  In that moment, we were beautiful.

This was not your everyday food experience.  When that sushi boat came to port, there was that moment of awe and wonder.  There was excitement and thrill.  This ship was being shared, but there is an element of indulgence but it's more about that "wow" factor.

Did I fall in love on "The Love Boat?"  With a piece of sashimi, you bet.

On your menus, do you have that food item that's going to make the crowd's mouths water?  It doesn't have to be your priciest item.  It also doesn't have to be ginormo and get you a pic on the wall for completing a challenge of Man vs. Food proportions.  But it does need pizazz.

Just think jazz hands.

What's your sushi boat? 

Kevin Clay