What To Do When You Have Great Service

On Friday, my friend posted on Facebook about her experience at a grocery store checkout counter.  When she started with "At the WORST grocery store," I thought I knew the direction this was going...

Was I wrong!  I kept reading and got to this most stunning rave.

I witnessed the most remarkable customer service from a poised, confident woman. She had such a commanding presence and was so incredibly helpful that the people in her line asked what she was doing with her future.

The young woman wants to be in the Navy.  My friend reached out via social media to a friend in the military and went back to the grocery store to pass along his contact information.

It's a simple act of kindness that really hits home my philosophy on life and leadership.  

We are here to lift each other up.

These customers noticed the remarkable service they were receiving.  They took the time and interest to be present with another human being, asking about her goals.  My friend took it a step further and got some helpful information for the woman.

Take that moment to be present with the grocery clerk, the bank teller, the barista, the server, and with anyone you interact today (and everyday).

Photo via WikiCommons.

Kevin Clay