Tap26 Offers Greener Events Through Draft Wines

Photos courtesy Tap26

Photos courtesy Tap26

Tap26, Richmond-based distributor of wines on tap, has reduced event waste a whopping 50,000 lbs. since its inception.  According to Tonie Stevens, event and sales director for the company, keeping alcohol on draft is the single largest diverter of waste at large events and festivals.

“If you think of an event format, Tap26 does the same thing as a beer truck does, but for quality wines,” she said.

That wine is delivered in kegs that hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine — and those kegs are completely reusable and recyclable!  According to Tap26, each keg during its lifetime will save 2,340 lbs of trash from landfills which is approximately 1,560 bottles of wine.

Tonie has been working with event producers to help them better understand that space of draft wine.  “They are so happy to remove all glass from event and especially since volunteers no longer have to carry it out of the event.”

Tonie said draft wines not only brings a reduction in liability at events but also increased efficiency and profit.  Pours by the glass on draft are quicker allowing more folks to be served.  “Event producers are learning that they can make a lot more money on a draft format than by pouring from bottles.”

And — a little known fact — at a beer or wine event, you have the option of reusing the same cup or glass at a draft station in Virginia.

Alcohol is a massive contributor to the waste stream during events.  Historically, event producers have not focused on increasing sustainability in the area because it’s such a revenue generator, but now options like Tap26 and other draft systems make the process easier.

“Alcohol can be a monster when it comes to waste, that’s why it’s so important to educate on these options,” Jon Lintvet, founder of Tap26, said.

For more information about the company and its impact on sustainability, visit Tap-26.com.

Kevin Clay