Take This Environmental Survey Dammit

I was floating through Facebook last week and ran across one of my restaurant friend’s posts.  She had posted the e-mail message of doctoral candidate’s panicked plea about the dining community’s environmental practices!

“Goodness grief!!  Do yourselves a solid Richmond restaurants!!...I apologize for my desperation, and I hope my sense of humor is conveyed in this email, but I really appreciate your time and attention towards this matter.” 

God knows I’ve been there — you’re at the eleventh hour and you’re just not getting the information you need to get things done.  I was tingling with empathy so I called Anna Salzberg, current VCU instructor, to find a little more about her study and these sassy e-mail tactics.

Her survey, Sustainability Innovation Adoption in Restaurants, could result in the development of future initiatives under the Virginia Green program.

While she has a great sample pool right now of over 80 respondents, she’s working to move closer to get a complete picture of the 1,100 restaurants operating in the Richmond region.  Salzberg is using information as part of her dissertation that will be delivered in May so is working towards completing the research portion of this project by February.  

The biggest benefit for restaurant owners completing this survey, besides the karma of sharing environmental practices and helping out a gal out, is receiving a summary of the results.  

When I read this, my little marketing heart grew ten sizes.  I love some free market data, so thank you future Dr. Salzberg, we will be kissing your feet.

By the way, the third time was the charm with her last e-mail message which she says had her highest response rate. (Mama said, don't be too proud to beg?) If you are a restaurant owner or operator in the Richmond region and would like to participate in her study, she will send you a unique survey link.  You can contact Salzberg directly by e-mailing her at salzberga@vcu.edu.

Kevin Clay