Restaurants Ahead of the Curve

Cardamaro Cocktail at Secco. Photo Credit: Secco Wine Bar

Cardamaro Cocktail at Secco. Photo Credit: Secco Wine Bar

It seems dining-wise here in Richmond we are ahead of ourselves! 

In a recent piece on Fall Dining Trends in NYC in the Times, Richmond had the Big Apple upped on at least seven new dining trends to watch, maybe more. Here a just a few that in recent years have helped to solidify our food scene.

Fish Collars

That delectable sweet and tender flesh surrounding the head of Snapper or Cobia have been on Richmond menus for well over a year, maybe two. Joe Sparatta at Heritage and Owen Lane at The Magpie make good use of many animal parts and fish collars are featured as specials often at both establishments, to the delight of many a guest.

Charcuterie of the Sea

In 2010, the now defunct Avalon served a cured and pressed cephalopod salami of sorts. Since then, many an amalgam of cured fish and terrines have crossed plates in the city, such as Tim Bereika's memorable 'house seafood sausage' back when he was at Secco Wine Bar in 2011.

Amour for Amaro

From the now legendary bar at The Roosevelt up in Church Hill to newcomers The Rogue Gentlemen down in Jackson Ward you will see bar shelves stocked with classics like Cynar and recent darling Cardamaro. Places like Secco Wine Bar and Metzger Bar and Butchery feature cocktail menus based solely on aperitivi and digestifs. Credit goes to long standing Fan gem, The Bar at Acacia for getting that highball rolling. It's the only place in the city one may encounter Becherovka, another lovely and sometimes acquired taste.

It's of course no surprise that Richmond restaurants are buzz worthy. As our restaurant scene joins the ranks of smaller food-destination towns around the South that continue to expand and push boundaries, I expect to be reading about what's happening in Richmond in papers throughout the country.

Kevin Clay