Guests, Not Customers

Plated Dinner
Yes, Guests. Not Customers. Not Shoppers. Not The Jerks At Table 33. Guests.

Home.  Regardless of whether it's a place you're running to or from, a physical location or an idea – we all know what we want “home” to be. 

We know what home feels like and what we want our homes to represent. Shouldn't these same ideas be put into place when we think about interacting with Guests?

Yes, Guests. Not customers. Not shoppers. Not the jerks at table 33. Guests.  When someone comes to your home, they are your Guest. You take great care of them – their needs, desires, making sure those cups of coffee never gets cold. The idea of someone being a “Guest” is fairly easy.

what's the difference between a guest and a customer?

  • Guests feel a sense of ownership to a product.  Customers buy a product.
  • Guests give feedback so your product can grow.  Customers complain.
  • Guests are your best form of marketing.  Customers might share.

Shouldn't putting it into practice be simple in the world we live in as restaurant owners, event organizers, and leaders in the hospitality industry? After all, being hospitable is what built our industry.

Kevin Clay