Rewarding Good Behavior

I can guarantee 99 percent of the time, your guests are in your restaurants to have a great time.  People dining out are generally happy, but I know that one crabby person who is sour no matter how much you bend can send you in a spiral.

Brush it off -- because every once in a while you will have those diamonds in the rough.  These guests remind you why hospitality can be so magical and make this hard work worthwhile.

I moonlight as a server and host at a couple of restaurants around town (to talk this talk, you must walk the walk!).  Last week, the sweetest couple visiting from out-of-town dropped in to check out a menu as they waited for a table down the block.  They promised to be back the next day.

Sure enough, they returned.  They loved each course, the service, the atmosphere and were already raving that this was their new favorite restaurant in the city.  But most importantly, the couple was SO KIND.  They took a special interest in talking to our waitstaff.  They were delightful human beings.

As a kind gesture, the owner sent over dessert on the house.  It was such a simple gesture and didn't cost much, but it sent them over the edge and gushing about their experience as they were leaving.  

I have a really good feeling our new friends will be back.

How do you reward good behavior?

Photo Credit: "Chocolate Cake Flourless (1)". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Clay