"I Can Change Your Face"

Richard commanded a presence at the payment booth in the parking deck.  You could tell he knew this job inside and out.  He wasn't going to take any bull hockey from anyone.  He's one tough dude.

We were traveling this weekend and my friend was getting ready to pay this parking attendant.  We had only used the deck for an hour.  "Four dollars, right?" she said.

Richard said authoritatively that the evening rate was six dollars.  Those two extra bucks were no big deal, but I guess the change in my friend's posture and emotion were pretty noticeable. 

"I can change your face." Richard said.

He handed my travel companion back the six dollars with a validated parking pass and she left smiling.   Instead of just following "the rules," Richard was empathetic in the moment, present and proactive.  And that act of kindness did change my friend's face.  

We all play a part in changing outcomes in our daily interactions.  Take that wheel and drive responsibly. 

Photo credit: By K . Chan via Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Clay