How Warby Parker Monitors Social Media To Give Superior Service

I hopped over to Warby Parker for a new batch of at-home Try-Ons and was reminded of my experience when I ordered last year.

Warby Parker encourages you to share pics of your new frames on social media to get feedback from friends.  When one set in the kit arrived slightly bent, I jokingly took to Instagram and Twitter to show off my new look.

Unexpectedly,  I had this e-mail in my inbox the next morning from customer support.

Thanks for reaching out on Twitter! We're so sorry that your Home Try-On frames arrived in subpar condition. We always want you to get an accurate feel for the frame, so please feel free to place another Home Try-On order at your convenience, or let me know and we can get another sent out to you.

While I found a pair that I loved so much more, I appreciated Warby Parker's approach!

So often when we have a problem with an online order, we're the ones on the phone getting transferred to multiple departments.

Warby Parker is proactive in social media monitoring and making sure their customers are satisfied.  They went above and beyond expectation which is impressive for any retailer. 

Warby Parker, you've earned yourself another fan.  They are leading a path for others to follow in the retail space.

Kevin Clay