Fresh Juice Takes A Bold New Approach

Never tried a cold-pressed fruit and veggie blend before?  Give Charlottesville-based Lumi Juice a shot.  

Short for "Love U Mean It," it's obvious founder Hillary Lewis puts love and energy into her products.  We were treated to a taste test of Lumi from Hillary herself and her attention to quality and detail impresses. 

Her organically-sourced juices pack two pounds of produce per bottle and are never heated during the creation process, which preserves maximum nutrients and flavor.

Bold blends like Mountain Mint and Belmont Beet, named for the Cville neighborhood, call on hometown roots.  You can find Lumi in Whole Foods across Virginia and D.C. and local markets around Richmond and Charlottesville including Harvest and Feast.

Our favorite? The sweet and balanced Miami Mango that blends carrot with tangy mango and a splash of citrus. 

Check out Lumi's products here.

Kevin Clay