A Love Letter To Waffle House

Credit: Waffle House

Credit: Waffle House

I’m sitting inside as I write this.  Your team just flipped on the 90s R&B playlist.  Head bops are happening and I’m in love.    

“What about your friends? What about? What about your friends? What about, what about?”

Yes, I’m in love with you Waffle House.  You give me that TLC that I need.

You hold a special place in my heart.  In college, you were my 2 a.m. rendezvous.  You’re that old standby for breakfast with dad.  When I’ve had a busy night, I know you’re open when everything else is closed.

You’re getting ready to wind up when the bars are winding down.  From late night to early morning, you turn tables quick.  

And one of the guys on your prep line just came over to ask how my meal was…be still my heart.

You make me swoon with you consistency Waffle House.  You make me swoon because consistency is an underrated quality in restaurant land.  You’re giving quick, friendly service and you’ve set my expectation of what’s going to come out on my plate.  You’ve got a good thing going.

Your menu is smart and built for efficiency.  People may poke fun at your laminated picture-filled placemats, but your prices are reasonable and clear, and you’re not overwhelming me with too many choices.  I know everything is made to order which is how you’ve been able to accommodate dietary restrictions before it became a business necessity.  I could have it my way here before it was trendy.

You bring me joyful zen Waffle House.  I can sit at the bar and watch my food being prepared and see your clean kitchen.  

You love your regulars because you know many of them by name.  You really have a way to make a guy feel special. 

Waffle House, you never pretend to be something you’re not.  You’ve taught me there’s something magical in that authenticity.

I’d like my hash browns covered and peppered please.

Forever and always,

Kevin ClayArchive