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Restaurants run on a tight margin often leaving marketing an afterthought.  Big Spoon Co. takes a holistic approach to grow your hospitality-driven business from the inside out.

Kevin Clay started Big Spoon Co. in 2013 after serving the food and beverage industry for over a decade.  With a combined background in media, hospitality and customer service, he has garnered attention for brands through an organic focus that starts with guest experience.  More about Kevin...

When you work with Big Spoon Co., you have access to a team of creatives to help elevate your guest experience.  Kevin acts on behalf of your business as marketing director to help you gain foot traffic and drive sales. 



Brand Management

We start inside your business to make sure you are delivering on your brand promise to guests and clients.  We look at online reviews and tackle sticky issues that might be holding you back from those coveted four or five stars.  Brands in the age of social media must have an authentic voice.  We help supplement your content to build an amplified message through assisting with digital ad buys.

Public Relations

We work to build media relationships and manage outreach on behalf of your business through preparing press releases and keeping regional publications in-the-know.  We work with you do identify key stakeholders and build valuable partnerships to strengthen your business. We specifically have a knack for coordinating grand openings, press trips, and media tours. 

Strategic Planning

What are the elements that add a personal touch to your business?  As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught in the weeds of the daily grind.  We sit down with you and help you build a 6-month strategy that includes event design and developing digital strategy.  All with a focus on taking your guest experience to the next level while driving sales for your brand.  We meet weekly as your partner in accountability.


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